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A superb live band who know how to throw a party and some. Top rate musicians, incredible songwriters and very nice chappies to boot. I cannot rate them highly enough.

Jon Wisbey

- BCfm Radio & Astro Radio


Great live band, high energy, fun & professional - if you’re looking for a band that will get the crowd jumping, here they are!!

Craig Freeman

- WKS Sounds on Coast FM


“Great party tunes & crowd vocals to rock a boat out”

Cptn Gregarggh

- Lagerstein Vocalist

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'A really catchy song, well crafted, with great musicianship. Definitely worth a download'-Ferocious Dog

The single welcomes two of the newest additions of the crew – percussionist Iceberg, sinker of beers and flutist Jony the Plank. Bolstering the fort as a four piece, JollyRoger have captured a fleshed out sound that does not shy away from their roots of their hometown in Cornwall.

Aboard! set sail onto Bandcamp on the 5th March to coincide with St Pirans Day, the patron saint of Cornwall and is also available on all major streaming platforms.


Live Performance


JollyRoger Recipe - by the Ship's Cook

1. A family of Cornish pirates 

2. A mixture of  folk, rock & punk genres

3. Sprinkle in some harmonies & shanty goodness 

4. A few drops of comedy & inner metal-head mentality

5. Grab a drink and get ready to experience an eruption of energy!

JollyRoger have hung up their cutlasses and taken to a life of music. They are ready to welcome you into their crew, get you on board and fill your boots with some seriously good tunes & humour. These guys aim to bring all walks of life together to party with them & make every gig as fun as going out with a mate for a drink. They have a strong community spirit and ooze determination.  If you haven't already got your hands on some pirate garb and listened to these guys, what are you waiting for?


JR pally
JR pally 2
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JR pally 4
jr pally 5
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JR tramp 2

Formed in February 2019, punk-rock-folk-pirate band JollyRoger are already taking the south-west by storm

Just over a year later of working their cannonballs off and JollyRoger have supported some of their musical influences including The Rumjacks, Fisherman's Friends & Mad Dog Mcrea. They have released 3 EP's and their debut album, gained a loyal fanbase and over 5000 followers on social media.

They have also been filmed by Channel 4 playing their first single - 21st Century Pirate - for the show Britain's Most Historic Towns  (unfortunately we didn't make the cut, but it still counts, right?).

JollyRoger were also featured live on their local BBC radio and their songs are also played on various other stations.

A global pandemic didn't stop these pirates.

True to their mission, JollyRoger encouraged other artists and helped keep live music in peoples lives by presenting four virtual music festivals, including the UK's biggest pirate festival (Brixham) along with hosting regular ‘musicians together’ nights with other local artists. They attracted more of a global following through their consistent Facebook livestreams (JollyRoger live together).

Last year, the pirates were asked to host the final of Bloodstock's south-west Metal 2 the Masses & won themselves a newcomer slot at the biggest medieval festival in europe - Mediaval festival in Selb, Germany & hopefully these events will take place in 2021 (covid dependent).

x Jolly For All & All For Jolly x

JollyRoger have got their hooks into the music scene and won't let anything stop them, so keep one eye on them.